Value-enhancing investment strategies for exclusive residential, office and retail properties.

FAIR GmbH stands for extensive market knowledge and conservative investment strategies. The company, their wealthy private investors and institutional or opportunist investors do not make short term speculative investments. Their objective is to achieve continuously increasing value and long term stable returns.


FAIR GmbH invests in properties and real estate companies.


FAIR GmbH focuses its real estate investments exclusively on large German cities with population growth, positive economic development and high demand from tenants and buyers.



Value-enhancing strategy developments for real estate companies.

For that reason, the company solely invests in residential, office and retail properties in good or very good locations. The properties must have up to date user structures or be easily modernisable.

FAIR GmbH’s requirements of a property is that it can be leased or sold at the best conditions within six months.


FAIR GmbH also invests in real estate companies that are in need of restructuring but nevertheless have good assets.


Owner manager Michael Zimmer’s extensive market knowledge and many years experience vouch for the quality of the investments and consultancy.


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