Michael Zimmer
The focus of each
investment is a passion for
property and fairness.


Michael Zimmer, owner manager of Fair GmbH


In 1995, Michael Zimmer founded CORPUS SIREO Immobiliengruppe, at the time with 40 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 10 million euro. He turned the company into the leading German real estate asset manager with over 500 employees, an annual turnover of approx. 400 million euro and around 17 billion euro assets under management.


In the years that followed, Michael Zimmer gradually sold his shares in the company to Sparkasse Düsseldorf, KölnBonn and Frankfurt, before stepping down as CEO in 2009 to once again become an independent investor and consultant.


Over the years in which he was CEO of CORPUS SIREO Immobiliengruppe, Michael Zimmer was involved in company and real estate transactions with a total value of over 20 billion euro.

The residential property transactions included:


– the reutilisation of approx. 11,000 residential properties in the possession of Deutsche Post AG, 48,000 residential properties owned by ThyssenKrupp AG and a number of other properties belonging to other housing societies.


– the evaluation of Deutsche Annington’s holdings (approx. 100,000 residential units) for Citigroup to determine Citigroup’s corporate stake in Deutsche Annington


– the takeover of a Cologne-based real estate developer, expanding it to become one of the largest German development companies with a production and sale of approx. 400 residential units a year


– integration of the Sparkasse real estate agencies in CORPUS SIREO Immobiliengruppe with over 100 employees and its development into becoming one of the leading estate agents in Germany

The commercial property transactions included:


– asset management of all of Deutsche Telekom AG’s German properties and the reutilisation of extensive office and retail property packages in all key locations in Germany


– reutilisation of key parts of the property assets of Brau und Brunnen AG’s, at the time the largest German beverage company (emphasis: retail in pedestrian areas)


– the reutilisation and asset management of commercial properties in Germany and other European countries for a variety of German institutional investors and American investment banks

After Michael Zimmer sold his shares in CorpusSireo he advised several clients successfully. He advised for example Whitehall Funds, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, and Perry Funds in the strategic development of LEG Immobilien AG.


LEG is Iisted in the M-Dax since 2013 with a market capitalization of approx. 3 billion EURO.

Since LEG is Iisted Michael Zimmer is chairman of the supervisory board of LEG Immobilien AG (www.leg-nrw.de).