Michael Zimmer Porträt
Michael Zimmer *11.10.1963
Since 2001 managing partner of FAIR GmbH (Family office of the Zimmer family), Pulheim.
1995 to 2009 managing partner of Corpus Immobiliengruppe GmbH & Co KG.
The company was sold by the Zimmer family and is now owned by Swiss Life Insurance Group, Zurich.
Mr. Zimmer is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien SE. At the time, he advised the company’s owner, Goldman Sachs, on the company’s IPO.
Mr. Zimmer is extensively involved in social issues and has initiated or founded various foundations.
Additional activities
• Founder of the “Der bewohnte Garten” foundation 
• Founding member of the “Cornelius Foundation for Children of Addicted Parents 
• Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the “Dein Zuhause hilft” foundation  
• Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LEG Immobilien SE
• Member of the Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank AG
• Member of the advisory board of K20/21 “Freunde der Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.”